What we do

Headway Tyneside exists to help people affected by brain injury across the North East live a better life by providing support, education, events, and clinical services. We have three key areas of work:

Finding you the right help

A brain injury can change lives in an instant.

We know the impact it can cause on individuals and families alike and can offer:
personalised support
navigation and advice
phone support
help for families

Helping you stay well and feel connected

We run regular social events and outings for our members.

Spending time with other people affected by brain injury gives you opportunities to build new and supportive friendships, our events include:
sport and fitness
community outings
social evenings
drop in sessions
fundraising activities 

Taking your next steps

A brain injury can affect every aspect of your life.

As you adjust to the long-term effects of brain injury, we can support you to move forwards and develop new skills including:

regular brain injury education courses
commissioned projects such as vocational rehabilitation
skills based programmes with partner organisations, such as cookery

Get in touch if you need help or support